10 Essentials Peru3

This past month alone, I’ve met more people with plans to visit Peru than I can count on my fingers and toes. For starters, there was the girl in my Spanish class, my sister’s old classmate, the lady at the cash register who got rung Read the rest


Blogging is no easy business, which I quickly discovered since I’ve ventured into its realm. It takes extreme dedication, web design skills, business-savviness, writing chops of course, and above all of those things, persistence. It concludes of being the writer, graphic designer, content curator, and Read the rest

5 Budget Vacations for Winter

Depending on where you are geographically or mentally, you might be in need of a vacation. And we’re not talking about the visiting-the-next-state-over kind of vacation. We’re talking about white sandy beaches, ukulele players in the distance, and fresh mojitos being served right to you Read the rest


It’s that time of year again. Get out the jackets, booties, spiced lattes, and skin creams galore. Winter can bring on a new chill and other not-so-pleasant thrills–including dry, cracked lips. Luckily, you can find replenishment and nourishment from products that you have in your Read the rest

photo-1421050348089-e4356d6c8e18Note: This post is based on experiences of friends’ and my own in interracial relationships. Furthermore, it mainly pertains to those who do not speak their significant other’s native language. Additionally, “significant other” will frequently be referred to as “S.O.”.

Every relationship I’ve been in Read the rest


Note: This post is based on the experiences of my own and Asian-American friends’ who identify with an ethnicity different from the dominant ethnicity of the country lived in. Additionally, it pertains more to those who do not speak the majority language of the country.Read the rest


Even in life’s busiest moments, we can start to feel it losing its color. Mundaness is developed from the routines of our lives. We notice our bodies moving but feel disconnected from our core. Despite working crazy-hour work weeks and filling our weekends with lists … Read the rest

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